Thursday, December 10, 2015

Resilient Kids

This weeks blog about Resilient Kids is really interesting to me because I have never experienced practicing mindfulness in a classroom before. Watching the videos about the things that they do, I think that those practices could have helped me when I was in elementary school and was unable to calm myself down. I think that teachers really expect a lot out of students and do not necessarily give students the tools to achieve what is expected of them.

I think that the glitter jar idea is wonderful. I have made glitter jars before for my nephew and they work wonders! I think that they can be really useful when used the right way. Practicing mindfulness with children is really important. In the school that I did my case study in for SPED 300, there is a teacher who practices mindfulness in her classroom. Her students take turns sitting on yoga balls instead of chairs, they practice deep breathing when they need a break, and I think she modeled her teaching style after Resilient Kids.

That being said, I think that practicing mindfulness as an adult is also really helpful. It is not just for young kids to do. I think a lot of times adults forget to take care of themselves, and it is really important to be mindful for yourself so that you can be mindful for others.

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