Thursday, December 10, 2015

YDEV Open House and Youth In Action's Health Fair

For my events this semester I attended Youth in Action's Health Fair, and the RIC Open House, at the YDEV table.

Youth in Action's Health Fair was a really good time. The youth worked really hard on preparing everything for it including healthy snacks, informational posters, and even a photo booth! I had a really good time interacting with the youth at the health fair. There were numerous organizations that volunteered to come and do various activities and screenings and offered a lot of free information and help that could have been really useful. There were organizations that offered free flu shots, free HIV screenings, free breast cancer information and screenings, and so much more. There were fitness instructors, zumba instructors, kickboxing lessons, and even a mini boot camp. There was not a lot of attendance from the public which some of the staff was disappointed by, but I still think it was a really good experience for the youth to interact with these different organizations. I had a really good time. Check out some of the glamour shots they got of me!

I also went to the Rhode Island College Open House this semester. This was an event that was for prospective students to be able to get information about all the majors that RIC offers. I was at the YDEV table (obviously) with some other students in both our class but also Corrine's 250 class. Our job was to introduce them to the major and try to give the best information that we could so that prospective students would be interested in studying Youth Development. There were some students that came and left right away, and some parents who did not want their children coming to the table at all, BUT there were some students who seemed really interested in YDEV and that is super exciting!! Before I went to the open house, I watched a few of the elevator speeches that are linked on the syllabus, and it really helped me be able to talk about YDEV in an informative and interesting way. I had a really good time at the open house, plus Micah was there!!

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